First Linkdump of the new year

First of all, WordPress has released a neat annual report for this blog. You can see it here.

Frank Zubek, another contributor to the charity anthology Something for the Journey, in which I have a story, has been interviewed at Fabulosity Reads and talks a bit about the anthology and how it came about.

At The Book Smugglers, Foz Meadows writes about female beauty and its problematic role in popular culture. Foz Meadows is definitely on my nomination list for this year’s best fan writer Hugo BTW.

At A Trick of Light, Sunny Moraine writes about how difficult it is to persuade SF readers to pick up her novel Line and Orbit, because it has a strong same-sex romance plot to go with the SF. Found via Radish Reviews.

Ann Leckie has a great rebuttal to the whole anti-nostalgic novelty mania that reigns in certain quarters of the science fiction community (where anything that even vaguely sounds like it might harken back to earlier SF is vehemently rejected – see last year’s Hugo nominee debate or the “SF is exhausted” debate of 2012, for example) and points out that every writer must forge their own path and that sometimes, just being allowed into a genre clubhouse you or people like you were traditionally excluded from can be enough. BTW, Ann Leckie’s Ancillary Justice will very likely end up on my Hugo nomination list as well.

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