Christmas Eve 2013

Banner Merry Christmas

It’s a wet, stormy and way too mild Holy Night here in North Germany. At least we’re not having any power failures unlike the people in France and the UK as well as in the German town of Kleve, probably best known because Anne of Cleves, fourth wife of Henry VIII, hailed from there.

I’m still at my parents. We had filet of hare with red cabbage and apple cranberry sauce for lunch, red herring salad (which contains dozens of other ingredients and three salted herrings in one big bowl) and my crab rangoon cheese spread for dinner and Christmas cookies in between. My uncle is coming for lunch tomorrow, since he’s all alone. There will be pork curry then and more herring salad for dinner.

I’ll post some photos tomorrow, but for now enjoy the Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays banners I made for the umpteen thousand Christmas e-mails I sent out. Happy Holidays for those who are either of some religion other than Christianity or who are bothered by Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas for everybody else.

In general, Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays isn’t a big deal here in Germany and most people, whether religious or not, will wish you a Merry Christmas. This also includes Muslims, Buddhists and Jews BTW. Though some businesses such as big supermarkets have switched to Happy Holidays to accomodate their increasingly multicultural customer base, which is perfectly okay with me.

Meanwhile, the really religious people distinguish themselves by wishing you a Blessed Christmas rather than a Merry Christmas.

Banner Happy Holidays

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