Anthology “Something for the Journey” hits bestseller lists and more from the authors

Something for the Journey, the charity anthology in which I have a story (see this post from yesterday), has just hit the category top 100 lists at Amazon UK and Amazon Germany:

Here is Amazon UK:

And here is Amazon Germany:

You’ve already read my post about the anthology and my story, which was partly inspired by someone I met during my job as a translator. So let’s see what the other authors have to say:

Neil Bursnoll shares the inspiration for his story “Diamond” at his blog. Given we both wrote about illness (Neil about dementia and I about cancer) I hope the anthology won’t turn out to be too gloomy.

Paul Levinson shares the inspiration for his story “Transfer of Power” as well as his love for the city of Bristol here. Now I love Bristol as well and part of the reason why I decided to donate a story was that the anthology will raise money for sick children in a city I know and have visited, which makes it a lot more personal.

Stacy Claflin briefly talks about her story “The Orders”, while Vincent Trigili talks a bit about his story.

Italian writer Dario Solera talks a bit about the science fiction story “Us & Them”, which actually is his first ever published story, so many congrats to Dario.

You can also read interviews with several of the authors at Frank Zubek’s site What Brick Wall?

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