New title, new cover, new video

Yes, it’s another promotional post. Regular blogging will resume shortly.

Now I have acquired a YouTube channel, it needs more content than two old book trailers. So I made a general promotion video using Stupeflix, another of those online “Make an animated video” services. And yes, this time I was smart enough to download the finished clip.

You can see it below. It should also be available on my Amazon author page soon.

I also updated yet another of my existing books, since the book formerly known as El Carnicero shall henceforth by known as The Butcher of Spain.

The Butcher of Spain Why the title change? I had noticed that El Carnicero was selling much worse than my other historical adventure romances. I changed the blurb somewhat, but that didn’t do the trick. Eventually, someone pointed out that the Spanish title El Carnicero might confuse readers into believing that this was a Spanish language story. I didn’t quite get this – after all, foreign language editions are clearly marked and besides, the blurb is in English. Nonetheless, I finally gave in and changed the title to The Butcher of Spain, which contains no foreign words at all.

And since I changed the title, I also updated the cover. I still use the same Goya drawing of a witch being strangled, but the font is different and the leather-bound look matches the cover of Under the Knout.

I also made a Pinterest board with images related to The Butcher of Spain.

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