Quick Linkdump for my Dad’s Birthday

There’ll be more sexism in SF posts and more photos soon, but since this week is really horrible (last week of school will do that to you), here’s just a quick linkdump:

First of all, I’ve been interviewed again, this time by SF writer Drew Avera. We talk about writing, breakfast foods, Transformers, superheroes and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, so drop by and check it out.I also interviewed Drew in these pages a few weeks ago.

Dear Author reports about a plagiarism scandal in the romance community. Turns out one Jordin Williams, who writes the sort of troubled college girl romances that are inexplicably popular at the moment, has lifted whole passages from bestselling works in the subgenre such as Easy by Tamara Webber and Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire for her own attempt, Amazingly Broken. The book seems to be gone from Amazon, but Dear Author is planning to do a full side by side comparison. Galleycat also reports on the case and offers some Twitter screenshots according to which Ms. Williams claims that the ghostwriter she hired was at fault. And since Ms. Williams is self-published, this will make all indie authors appear in a bad light, sigh.

Language Log offers a screenshot of the best headline ever. Now I want to see that episode. Perhaps a crossover of sorts with Lavie Tidhar’s Osama would work.

SF, horror and screenwriter Richard Matheson died aged 87. Over the years, I have enjoyed many of his works, both in print and on the screen.

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2 Responses to Quick Linkdump for my Dad’s Birthday

  1. Estara says:

    I WISH it were last week of school. But I hope you get through alright anyway.
    I still have a month to go and it’s shaping up to be horrible all over, some of it my own fault, some of it the situation at our school currently. I’m basically treading water until we reach August.

    • Cora says:

      Last year was that way for me. The schoolyear just went on and on and didn’t seem to end at all. Anyway, hang in there. Cause the summer holidays will be here eventually.

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