Photos of Bath

Today is sartorias a.k.a. Sherwood Smith’s birthday, so as a virtual present here are some photos I took during a trip to Bath, historic British spa town best known as the setting of some of Jane Austen’s novels and countless Regency romances, back in 2008 from my personal collection:

Bath Roman bath and cathedral

The Roman Empire meets the Middle Ages: The gothic Abbey of Bath overlooking the Roman bath fed by the famous spring.

Bath cathedral

The Roman Empire meets the Middle Ages, part II: Time weathered statues of Roman legionnaires warily eyes Bath Abbey.

Bath: Roman baths

Look across the Roman bath. This pool, built by the Romans, was still open for bathing and swimming well into the 20th century. The buildings above date from the 19th century.

Bath: Roman pool

An interior pool at the Roman baths. Check out the turquois water and the glittering coins.

Bath: Roman temple leftovers

Reconstructed gable of a Roman temple in the museum at Bath.

Bath: Georgian street

From the Roman Empire to Georgian/Regency era bath. Classicist colonades lining a street. I’m pretty sure that the final scene in the 1995 adaption of “Persuasion” was shot here.

The Hot Bath, a Regency era bathhouse.

The Hot Bath, a Regency era bathhouse.

Bath archway

Archway with a gargoyle in Bath.

Bath pump room

Inside the Pump Room (actually,one of several active in the 19th century), where you can drink the famous water straight from the spring. It’s warm and salty BTW.

Bath Circus

Georgian townhouses at the Circus. Still as expensive as in Jane Austen’s time, judging by the cars parked here.

Bath Royal Crescent

The Royal Crescent or rather half of it. Beautiful housing for the very rich, now and in Jane Austen’s day.

Bath fountain

A fountain at Parade Gardens.

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4 Responses to Photos of Bath

  1. Sherwood Smith says:

    Oh, those are terrific! Thank you, Cora!

    • Cora says:

      You’re welcome and happy birthday. I tried posting the link on your LJ, but my comments kept landing in the spam filter.

  2. Daniela says:

    Great pictures.

    Bath is on my *travel-to* list. I find Roman history and culture fascinating and really would love to see the baths.

    The Royal Crescent just looks intriguing and I can imagine that it’s expensive. Pity that ;-D

    • Cora says:

      Bath is a truly lovely city and the Roman baths are fascinating. You can still bath in the waters of the spring BTW as well as drink it. There is a newly built spa centre right next to the antique Roman baths.

      Looking at the Circus and the Royal Crescent I find it fascinating that the expensive neighbourhoods in Jane Austen’s time are still as expensive (relatively speaking) today, though the sort of person you’ll find there (hedgefund manager rather than aristocrats) is very different.

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