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Off to Halle

I’m putting on my linguist’s hat again, because tomorrow I’m off to Halle on Saale for the North German linguistic colloquium at the Martin Luther University, which happens to be one of the oldest universities in Germany. I’ll be presenting … Continue reading

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Just a quick linkdump, cause I’m busy

The Guardian has an interview with Stephenie Meyer about Twilight, The Host, true love and feminism among other things. It’s an interesting interview – pity about the positively hateful comments. However, what bothers me a little is that Stephenie continues … Continue reading

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Winter Wonderland at Springtime

Since, as reported yesterday, winter returned this weekend for one last hurray, I took the chance to go hiking in the snowy winterwoods one more time. And of course, I also took some photos. The location is once again the … Continue reading

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The Last Hurray of Winter and a Linkdump

On the cusp of spring, winter returned with a vengeance this weekend for one last hurray. I don’t know how long it will lastm but for now we have approx. five centimeters of snow. I took a bunch of photos, … Continue reading

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The Telegraph on Sex

Apparently, it’s “Let’s talk about sex scenes in fiction” week at the Telegraph, for there are no less than four current articles about literary sex. First of all, Julian Barnes, poor dear, laments that modern authors are feeling the commercial … Continue reading

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More on Grimdark Fantasy

The latest reiteration of the debate about grimdark epic fantasy is happily chugging along. You can read my take (with lots of links) here. And now for a roundup of the latest responses: Foz Meadows offers her take on the … Continue reading

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Early March Linkdump

Aeon Magazine has a very good article by Damien Walter about the importance of creating a culture of creativity. Considering how you have to fight as a teacher to be allowed to bring a bit of creativity into your classes … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the year again: Grimdark Fantasy

We’re having our annual gritty fantasy debate, because Joe Abercrombie – being one of the prime purveyors of grimdark fantasy today – launches a preemptive strike and defends dark and gritty fantasy against its critics. Of course, nobody is actually … Continue reading

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