Back from Halle

I’m back from my excursion to Halle on Saale. Unfortunately, I missed the last three presentations, since I had to leave early, considering I had one of the longer trips home.

The return trip took four hours rather than three and a half, because it started to snow and once again between Brauschweig and Hannover (the same thing happened on the trip to Halle). This time around, the snowfall lasted all the way to Bremen. Thick flurries of snow to the point that some of the automatic warning signs were indicating “Fog” – probably because they don’t have a symbol for heavy snowfall. Things got particularly bad on highway A27 which branches off in Walsrode just north of Hannover and goes all the way to Bremen and beyond (“beyond” meaning Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven). The A27 is never particularly busy and also has long stretches (up to 20 kilometers or more) without any exits. As a result, they didn’t get the snowploughs and salt spreaders onto the highway quickly enough (or maybe they just didn’t bother or clearing the far busier highways A1 and A7 took precendence), which meant that wet snow sludge started to accumulate on the highway. I was really glad that I wasn’t in my normal car, but in a vehicle with 4-wheel drive and some kind of electronic track control system, because driving through that sort of snow with my regular car would have been seriously scary. Even though, I was extremely glad to be home.

There will be photos of Halle tomorrow or the day after.

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