Winter Woods Redux

We had some more snow this week. And though I was very busy with lots of behind the scenes stuff, I still found the time to go hiking once more. What is more, I also took photos.

So here are some more photos of snowy winter woods. The location is again the Westermark forest near Syke, which is also featured here and here. However, I took different paths, so the photos show different views as well.

I did see a couple of deer, but unfortunately my attempt to photograph them did not work out. So you’ll get evidence of animal life in the photos, but no animal life itself:

Snowy woods

Sunlight falling into the snow-covered woods. What a gorgeous day!

Snowy hunting stand

A snow-covered hunting stand on a secluded wood path.

Snowy branch

A dead branch, covered in snow.

Snowy path

A snow covered path with an oddly shaped pine tree. I saw three deer crossing the path here, but the photo didn’t come out well.

Snowy path

Another snowy path with sunlight fallign through the branches.

Traces of wild boars in the snow

More evidence of animal life. The snow and ground were dug up by wild boars looking for acorns in this part of the woods

Snowy path

A view along the Westermark main path, all covered in snow. On the left, you can see the “witch house”, mentioned in my last snowy woods post.

Mark of the frog

The bench inside the “witch house” is covered in frog stamps, bringing to mind Harald Reinl’s superlative thriller “Face of the Frog”, where a criminal gang uses simialr stamps to mark its territory.

BTW, if you’ve never seen Face of the Frog, do watch it, since it’s a wonderful black and white thriller and a true highlight of postwar German filmmaking.

Snowy field

Sun falling onto the field at the center of the Westermark woods. Note my shadow at the bottom.


A hoarfrost covered tree. Hoarfrost persisted in parts of the woods where the run did not shine.

Snowy trees

A snow-covered fallen tree.

Snowy woods

Light falling through the trees.

Snowy path

Another snowy path with a house at the end.

Snowy field

View across a snow covered field at the edge of the woods.

Winter wood branches

A look up into the bare branches.

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  1. Sherwood Smith says:

    These are such beautiful photos!

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