Snow by Day

After yesterday’s nocturnal snow with “ghost” photos, here are some photos of snow by day, since it turned out that the snow stuck around. In fact, there’s even more of it now, since it kept snowing intermittently throughout the day.

When I came home from school this afternoon, I looked at my front yard and thought, “Wait a minute, I did shovel snow this morning, didn’t I?”, because the yard looked just like it had looked the night before. So I shoveled the yard free again and to find that even more snow had fallen by tonight. However, now I’m going to wait until tomorrow before I shovel snow again.

Talking of snow, on the website of The Independent, I came across this gorgeous photo of the giant Angel of the North sculpture in Gateshead all covered in snow. I’ve got some photos of the Angel in warmer weather here.

And now more some photos taken during my afternoon snow shovelling. Maybe I’ll find the time to go out into the country tomorrow afternoon and take some snowy landscape photos:

Snowy front yard

The front yard this afternoon with fresh snow.

Snowy street

A look down my snow covered street.

Snowy street

A look up my snow covered street

The meadow next door and some neighbour houses all covered in snow.

The meadow next door and some neighbour houses all covered in snow.

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2 Responses to Snow by Day

  1. VH Folland says:

    You have some beautiful photos there. All our snow melted overnight.

    • Cora says:


      According to the weather report, it will remain below freezing at least until Sunday, so our snow will stick around for a while longer.

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