Snow, Crafts and Cora photographs a Ghost

Winter returned over the past few days and we also had some more snow tonight. So I took some photos, which was a tad difficult, since it was already dark.

Still, I got some interesting results and even captured a bonafide “ghost” on camera:

Snowfall by night

Snow falling by night. I love how the light of the flash is reflected from the snowflakes


View from my front door at the freshly fallen snow.

Ghost on camera

This “ghost” surprised me, especially since it wasn’t foggy when I took the photo. In retrospect, I suspect that I breathed out at the wrong moment and the camera flash was reflected from my freezing breath. It’s still a cool effect and almost looks like a ghost in profile.

In other news, my brand new Kobo Glo e-reader still needed a case or pouch. Now I find the commercially available e-reader cases and pouches not all that attractive, never mind quite pricey. So I bought some yarn, got out my crochet needle and made one of my own. I also found a really neat designer button (bought to replace the buttons on a cardigan I no longer own) in my stash. At the back of the pouch, there is an extra pocket for the cable.

Crochet e-reader pouch

Hand-crocheted e-reader pouch.

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