The Hobbit – Reenacted by Christmas Tree Ornaments

Like most everybody else in the geekosphere, my mind was very much on The Hobbit during this recent holiday season. And while decorating the Christmas tree (photos of the result are here), I noticed that we had a whole lot of dwarf ornaments, almost enough to make up for the company of 13 dwarves from The Hobbit. I even found a small ornament which looked very much like Martin Freeman’s interpretation of Bilbo Baggins. “All we’re missing now is Gandalf”, I thought.

Yesterday, while taking down the tree and packing away the ornaments, I came across a white bearded Santa in a long robe who looked very much like Gandalf indeed, so the adventuring party was now complete. So I took a photo of Christmas tree ornaments reenacting The Hobbit.

Christmas tree ornaments representing Hobbit characters

The Hobbit as reenacted by Christmas tree ornaments. In the top row we have Gandalf and Bilbo, in the bottom two rows we have the thirteen dwarves. The dwarf just underneath Bilbo is Thorin Oakenshield. I’ve never been able to tell the others apart.

We’re still missing Gollum and Smaug among others – the closest thing to a dragon I have are a frog prince and Jimminy Cricket. As for Gollum… I really have no idea.

Still, next year I will try to put up my Hobbit adventuring party close to each other.

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