Snowy Day Linkdump

We had more snow last night and this time around, the snow even stayed, because the temperatures hovered around zero all day long.

And because the weather was so conductive to the holiday spirit, I baked cookies today. I made butter cookies and oatflake fruit balls. The oatflake cookies were supposed to contain either raisins or dried cranberries, but since I had run out of both, I substituted some tropical fruit mix instead. The results taste great either way. I probably would have made even more cookies, but unfortunately I ran out of flour and butter. Ah well, there’s always other days.

In other news, Amazon apparently opened a Brazilian store today, so now all my e-books may also be bought at Amazon BR. The full list of available titles is here, while links will be added to the respective book pages as I get around to it. Meanwhile, you can always look up all retailers where my books are available at the brand new retailer page.

And of course, I’ve got some links for you as well.

Over at the little visited ABC Buhlert blog, I talk a bit about green energy as a job engine today.

At the Guardian, Paul Krugman, New York Times columnist and winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics, offers his appreciation of Isaac Asimov’s Foundation trilogy. Now I vehemently dislike Paul Krugman and vehemently disagree with his pro-debt, pro-inflation, anti-costsaving idea of economics (I made a swipe against him in this post) and his constant anti-German rhetoric drives me up the wall (never mind that he’s wrong, because Germany is doing very well economically, unlike other countries I could name). And of course, he has to go into all that crap about how debt and inflation are good yet again, marring an otherwise good article. But at least Krugman’s taste in literature is better than his economic concepts. It’s also interesting that a man I usually dislike has been influenced by the same books as me, because the Foundation Trilogy was hugely important to me as a teen (coincidentally, Osama Bin Laden allegedly was a fan as well, so make of that what you will). Besides, it’s always nice to see an appreciation of Isaac Asimov’s work, since it’s fashionable these days to diss Asimov, while lionizing Heinlein whose works I never liked.

Kathleen Valentine wonders about the popularity of BDSM billionaire erotica and what this says about women. I totally agree with her, since I have stated before that I find this trend hugely problematic. BTW, do not click on the article she links to, unless you have a very strong stomach, since it’s woman-hating bullshit of the worst sort, the sort of thing that makes internet censorship briefly seem like a good idea.

The annual cover contest for the best Christmas romance cover is open at the Cover Café. Once again, I find myself liking the covers of the Christian romance novels best, which always surprises me, since I barely read that genre at all.

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