Snow and Seasonal Cheer… and Klingons?

Today, just in time for the first advent Sunday, it started to snow here in North Germany. Of course, the snow was very wet and it only lasted for two hours maybe, but it was still snow. Photographic evidence may be found behind the cut.

Over the past few days, I put up my Christmas decorations in keeping with the season. Among other things, I also dressed Else, the vintage department store mannequin I bought at a going-out-of-business sale a while back, in a seasonally appropriate outfit. You can see last year’s photos of Else’s Christmas look here. But department store mannequins tend to gather dust just like everything else. And before I could dress up Else in holiday style, I first had to clean her. And while I was standing in my front window, wiping down a naked department store mannequin with a wet towel, I wondered what the passers-by would make of that sight. Cause nobody expects department store mannequins in residential areas, so Else frequently gets mistaken for real. Little children sometimes even wave at her, which is very cute. So anybody who watched me cleaning naked Else – including her breasts and between her legs – probably thought they were witnessing a lesbian sex act in a display window.

In other news, my Dad gave me a newspaper clipping from the local paper today. It was an article on the Klingon language and Klingon classes. Now my Dad shows very little interest in TV shows in general and I’m not sure if he’s ever seen a full episode of any Star Trek show. Hence, I was very surprised that he knows what Klingons are, especially since the article wasn’t even illustrated with a photo of Klingons. Of course, my Dad was in the audience when I presented this paper on language and science fiction. But I’m surprised that he apparently had some idea what I was talking about, much less that he remembers.

And now for some photos of snowy North Germany:

Snow 2012

Snow covered garden, meadow and neighbour house

Snow 2012

The view out of the side window with snow covered meadow and neighbour house. Note the large snowless patch around the oak tree.

Snow 2012

View across the yard and backgarden. The crows are not real but two plastic replicas I named Heckel and Jeckel after the crows from the old Terrytoons cartoons.

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2 Responses to Snow and Seasonal Cheer… and Klingons?

  1. And to think this past Saturday in El Paso it was 24° Celsius and we were on a roadster road trip with the top down.

    It’s supposed to be nice here next weekend, as well, but this weather can’t last forever.

    • Cora says:

      I know that the South and South West of the US rarely gets really cold (though I did see snow in Mississippi and Louisiana years ago in what had to be one of the coldest winters they ever had down there), but 24°C strikes me as unseasonably warm. Though it is nice if you can drive a roadster with the top down.

      Though come to think of it, it was still warm enough for my Dad to ride his motorbike approx. 2 weeks ago.

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