Two Book Cover Links and Two Notable Deaths

The Guardian has an interesting article about twenty different theories of book cover design, mostly of the abstract kind. I like quite a few of those, though my own covers tend more towards the concrete.

More book cover talk: Shannon Knight talks about book covers, genre trends and which covers appeal to her. Found via Jay Lake.

Director Tony Scott, brother of Ridley, died at age 68, reportedly of suicide. John Scalzi has an appreciation here.

I actually have a hard time deciding which of his films I liked best, since I never got around to watching his most famous films, Top Gun and Crimson Tide all the way through, because I don’t like overly military action films. Though I did enjoy Enemy of the State, The Hunger and the TV show Numb3rs. In fact, I guess I’ll go with Numb3rs as favourite work by Tony Scott.

American singer Scott McKenzie died aged 73. He is best remembered today for “San Francisco”, the ultimate summer of love hippie anthem, which probably sent countless of people traveling to San Francisco “with flowers in their hair”. The Guardian offers an interesting look at the background of the song today. And here is a YouTube clip of “San Francisco”. I originally wanted to post link to a Beat Club performance, because I know that I’ve seen him sing “San Francisco” in Beat Club reruns, but for some reason they don’t have that clip online. So have the Monterrey festival instead.

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