Cora cracks the Spanish market and paranormal romance sex excuses

Yeah, so the post title is search engine bait, but it’s actually accurate.

The German national team made it into the Euro 2012 quarter finals tonight after beating Denmark 2:1 in a not very good game. I actually got bored and switched over to watch an NCIS rerun (it was an episode I had never seen before) and only switched back during the commercial breaks and whenever I heard the neighbours cheering through the open window.

What is more, I finally cracked the Spanish e-book market and sold a copy of Seraglio at, a lone sale which promptly landed me on three different category bestseller lists. There’s more about this at the Pegasus Pulp blog.

Paranormal romance protagonists usually never lack an excuse to have sex, not even when one or both of the partners are demons with forked tongues, werewolves in heat or vampires who like to bite their partners as an after-sex snack. But now, Lynn Viehl at Paperback Writer offers this hilarious list of reasons not to have sex for paranormal romance couples.

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