A new release just in time for May Day: Muse & Crisis

As I hinted yesterday, I have a new e-book available. It’s called Muse & Crisis and is a bumper edition of two fantasy short stories, which both deal with the themes of creativity, inspiration and artistic demons.

The upload issues at OmniLit/AllRomance still haven’t been fully resolved BTW, so the book is not yet available in all formats over there. However, we’re working on it.

Muse & Crisis
Muse & CrisisMuse
Twenty-three years ago Alicia offered Mark fame and fortune as a rockstar, in exchange for an early death. Mark refused, walked away from Alicia and from music altogether. He walked away and made a life for himself, a success of himself.
But now Alicia is back, not a single day older than when Mark last saw her. Once again, she has a proposition for him, a proposal of artistic collaboration. Only this time, it’s an offer that Mark cannot refuse…

Once upon a time, Steve was a hotshot writer, the mastermind behind a series of hugely popular comic books. But Steve’s career also cost him his marriage and left him alone with only a shaggy grey dog for company. And sometimes, late at night, the doubts creep up on Steve and that niggling voice in his head just won’t shut up. Even worse, the voice sounds and looks just like Channa Dal, the time and dimension hopping amazon warrior from the Logarithms of Time series and Steve’s most popular creation. So is Steve going crazy or has Channa really left the comic pages to torment her creator?

Two troubled artists, two muses, two short tales of art, creativity, inspiration and the demons they sometimes unleash.

For more information, visit the dedicated Muse & Crisis page.

Buy it for the low price of 2.99 USD, EUR or 1.99 GBP at Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Amazon France, Amazon Spain, Amazon Italy, DriveThruFiction, OmniLit/AllRomance ebooks and XinXii.

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