Birthday Photos Redux

Today, I finally got to have that birthday lunch with my parents and aunt and uncle that was scheduled for last week, but had to be postponed due to my aunt having a doctor appointment. In fact, I lucked out that everybody could make it today, because there were at least two dentist appointments to work around plus my afternoon classes, which mean that I don’t get out of the school until half past three.

We went to a local Thai/Vietnamese restaurant, which has good food and the advantage of being wheelchair friendly.

And now for some photos behind the cut:

My parents

My Mom and Dad

My aunt and uncle

My aunt and uncle

Me and Mom

Me and my Mom. No, I didn't wear that blouse to school - I changed before heading for the restaurant. After all, I wouldn't want my cleavage to distract teenaged boys.

Me and aunt and uncle

Me and my aunt and uncle.

Thai food

Crispy chicken with mango sauce and vegetables on the left and tofu and tomato stir-fry with spicy tamarind sauce on the right.

Thai food

Tofu Vegetable stir-fry with soy sauce in the middle and crispy chicken with green beans and peanut sauce in the front and some more crispy mango chicken in the back. We also had hot and sour chicken soup or respectively spring rolls as starters and baked banana or respectively baked pineapple for desert.

Birthday presents update

Finally, here's the updated loot. Lovely books, tea, chocolate and a mini carnation. What's not to love?

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