Yorkshire Photos 2: York

While Leeds was a bit underwhelming with its unabashed love for highrise buildings, York was more like it. A medieval city located on a spot inhabited since pre-Roman times with Britain’s largest gothic cathedral and narrow streets lined with timbered houses and all sorts of interesting and unique shops. I found a great magic/esoterics shop in one of those streets that caters not just to the usual New Age crowd but also to genuine practicing magicians. I also found a shop that sold stunning costume jewelery.

So here are some photos of York behind the cut. They’re a tad misty, because it just happened to be misty on the day I visited:

York city wall

A section of the city wall with daffodils and other spring flowers


Rooftops of York with the spire of York Minster seen in the distance.

York Minster

Slightly misty York Minster seen from a distance

York Minster

Frontal view of York Minster

York Minster

Side view of York Minster

York Minster Gargoyles

Close-up of some gargoyles at York Minster

Emperor Constantine

A statue of the Roman Emperor Constantine holding court in front of York Minster. Constantine was proclaimed Emperor of the Roman Empire while visiting York, hence he gets a statue.

Roman sacrophagi

Pigeons and squirrels flitting across some Roman sacrophagi in the park of the historical museum

Ruin at York museum

A random ruin in the park of the historical museum

Bridge across the river Ouse in York

Bridge across the River Ouse with a beautiful lamppost and the Guildhall in the background

York white rose

Detail of the bridge across the River Ouse featuring the white rose of York

River Ouse in York

View across the River Ouse

Medieval street in York

View along one of the narrow medieval streets in the centre of York

Medieval house in York

Close-up view of a timbered medieval house in York

Timbered medieval house in York

And another timbered medieval house. This one was built in 1454.

Historical building in York

And another medieval house with some interesting decorations.

Figurehead in York

The figurehead of a ship turned supporting beam at a corner house

Red devil in York

Carving of a little red devil on a house in York.

Britannia or Athena in York

Another carving depicting either Britannia or Athena on a house in York

Guy Fawkes Tavern in York

No, it's not the headquarters of Occupy York but the Guy Fawkes Inn. Guy Fawkes was born and grew up in York, the church where he was baptized is located directly across the street from the inn.

Toffee shop in York

Front of a toffee and sweets shop in York. Yorkshire in general and York in particular used to be (still is to some extent) the centre of the British confectionery industry

Armour shop in York

Another neat shopfront, this time for a shop selling swords and armour.

Shopfront in York

Another interesting shopfront. This one belongs to a shop selling exotic beers with the enticing name Evil Eye Lounge.

Teddy Bear shop and café in York

The Teddy Bear shop and café

Mini garden in York

A contemplative miniature garden in the backyard of a florist's shop

Reenactors in York

I have no idea why these gentlemen are dressed the way they are, but I suspect they are historical reenactors of some kind. Either that or time travelers.

Wheel of York

A ferris wheel in a park next to York station

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4 Responses to Yorkshire Photos 2: York

  1. Sherwood says:

    LOVE the photos, especially of York Minster.

    • Cora says:

      Glad you enjoyed the photos. York Minster is very impressive indeed, even if – like me – you come from a part of the world where gothic cathedrals aren’t exactly rare.

  2. Hi Cora,

    I am in York at the moment, and just stumbled across your site. I love your photography, especially the scene of York with a misty view of the Minster – amazing!

    Thanks for sharing your pictures.


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