More Christopher Priest, more Fifty Shades of Grey and some writing links

Yorkshire photos will follow later this week, but for now I have a couple of links on the current discussions of the day:

More on Christopher Priest versus the Clarke Awards, since Mr Priest himself appears in the comments on John Scalzi’s blog to explain himself.

What is more, I found this German language round-up of the Christopher Priest versus the Clarke Awards situation from Lake Hermanstadt in my trackbacks.

More on the publishing phenomenon Fifty Shades of Grey: The Malaysian paper The Star has a very good article about Fifty Shades of Grey, its fanfiction origins and the potential legal pitfalls. This is probably the best and most thorough article on the Fifty Shades phenomenon I have seen in the mainstream press so far.

Adrienne Kress has a good article about female characters and why female characters are viewed as something other than just characters.

CNN has a great feature about dinner with Elmore Leonard and his son Peter who is a writer as well.

At the Clarion Blog, Michèle Laframboise writes about extending the roots of your inspiration.

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5 Responses to More Christopher Priest, more Fifty Shades of Grey and some writing links

  1. Kaz Augustin says:

    Yes, I read that article in The Star and thought it quite good too. Shall have to remember to give more visibility to well-written articles. Thanks for the much-needed reminder, Cora.

    • Cora says:

      You’re welcome.

      I’m trying to recall how I found that article. I keep thinking that Charles Tan linked to it, but then the Fifty Shades phenomenon is not the sort of topic he normally blogs about, so it probably was one of the romance sites.

  2. Estara says:

    Cora have you seen the very interesting rebuttal series about some of the Dear Author posts regarding FFoG? Manga Bookshelf is hosting a fanfiction insider and her points about the validity of fanfiction as such.

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