What I did this Saturday

I’m rather tired right now, though Amazon willing there will be another update later tonight.

However, today my Mom celebrated her 70th birthday (her actual birthday was on Wednesday), which meant a lot of talking to a lot of relatives and acquaintances and dodging people telling me to get married, to have children (mostly when I was running after the two and a half year old grandson of my cousin) and to lose weight.

My parents’ house looks like they’ve opened a flower shop over night and of course there’s the inevitable mystery azalea (it’s always an azalea) that someone must have given us, but we have not the slightest inkling who it was.

Anyway, here is the birthday invitation I designed. I’m rather proud of the design, though I don’t think a whole lot of people appreciated the punk/grunge look. So I post it now, since my parents forbade me to post it before the party, since they heard stories about 500 people showing up for birthday parties announced on the internet. The photo is my Mom’s confirmation photo, by the way. It’s big, so I’m putting it behind the cut:

I added the “Barbara was here” bit, because my Mom was concerned that people wouldn’t know it was her and wouldn’t understand what they were supposed to do (because our phone number and email obviously isn’t a dead giveaway.

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  1. Estara says:

    “which meant a lot of talking to a lot of relatives and acquaintances and dodging people telling me to get married, to have children (mostly when I was running after the two and a half year old grandson of my cousin) and to lose weight.”

    BWAHAHAHA – I’m not alone! ^^ Although as I turn 45 this Saturday, people have given up on telling me to get married and have children XD.

    Also – for some reason the feed on LJ totally breaks because the image seems to be at full extension – how did you get it into your layout? – 1.600px × 2.400px

    Can you make it show at the width you have here on the blog somehow?

    Apart from that I love that you also do invitation cards for your parents (although they are a lot more colourful than the ones I put together for my parents ^^) – I’ve been doing that for the big birthdays for a while now, too.

    Your mother was cute in the 50s ^^ – I remember my mother best in a beehive, heh.

    • Cora says:

      I’m no spring chicken either, so I hope they will eventually leave me alone about weddings and babies. Besides, while the little guy was cute, he was also very energetic and I wouldn’t want one of those for more than a few hours.

      Sorry about the messed up livejournal feed. The blog layout somehow reduces the picture to maximum blog width, but the layout apparently doesn’t transfer to the livejournal feed.

      My Mom wore a beehive for her wedding. Not just a regular beehive either, it looks like one of those things you normally see only on the heads of Star Trek actresses from the 1960s.

      • Estara says:

        Yes, that’s a lot like my feelings about my niece ^^ – whom I shall enjoy for a few days at least around the proper Easter holy days.

        So you can’t simply upload a smaller version of the picture? I guess I can only hope other people write some more this weekend, so the post gets shoved to the second page, heh.

        I think my mum wore a beehive for her wedding, too… but not as big as Uhura, I have to admit.

        • Cora says:

          Let’s see if this works.

          My Mom’s wedding beehive was more of a giant top knot type affair allegedly inspired by the hairstyle Princess Margaret wore at her wedding (sans tiara of course, since we do not happen to have one of those lying around). I have no idea how they got that to hold up for more than a few minutes. Lots of hairspray, probably.

          • Estara says:

            Yes, uploading the slimmer version worked perfectly ^^ – it reproduced faithfully within the Friend’s Page feeds and posts.

            I believe artificial hairpieces inserted into the real hair and covered by it must have helped a lot with a hairdo like that – but my mum’s beehive was achieved via huge amounts of hairspray and “toupieren” – whatever that is in English ^^.

            • Cora says:

              My Mom said something about a styrofoam pillow or ring being inserted into the hairstyle, plus she also let her hair grow out in preparation for the wedding. Besides, her sister used to be a hairdresser (who still wears a beehive today, BTW), so she had the right connections to have something like that done.

              Glad the image size is manageable now BTW.

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