A bit of searchterm weirdness and a great link

For some reason, several people reached my site today by googling the name of a certain German politician and secretary in Angela Merkel’s cabinet in connection with “imcompetence”. Now I don’t recall ever having called said politician imcompetent in these pages, though I do consider this person incompetent.

I also had someone find my blog by typing “story of hevily pregnant woemen being raped” into a search engine today. Now I don’t want to judge anybody for their kinks, but this is damn creepy and not just because of the atrocious spelling either. The person found this post of mine, by the way, in which I complain about the prevalence of supernatural pregnancy storylines, violence against pregnant women and rape plots in speculative fiction and television.

Finally, here is a great essay about interstitiality in Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere from Interfictions Zero.

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