German TV discovers Furries

Tonight I watched Kulturjournal, a cultural program on the North German regional TV station NDR. And among the usual type of report found in this sort of program, presentation of a documentary about unhealthy food, the profile of a controversial sculptor, discussion of a new case study on the reach of the East German secret police Stasi, a report about publishers wining and dining book reviewers and cultural journalists in exchange for good reviews for some of their pet books, there was also something I would not have expected, namely a report about the furry phenomenon, including an interview with a German furry.

The report was surprisingly nuanced and respectful, too, which was even more surprising to me. After all, we’re talking about furries here, the lowest group on the geek totem pole and butt of a billion online jokes. Yes somehow the report managed to remain objective in the face of those preconceptions. And I doubt that it’s because the journalist in question has no idea that there is such a thing as anti-furry prejudice. Because if you’ve heard of furries at all, you’ve hurt of anti-furry prejudice.

The report is also available as a video on the official website.

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  1. Estara says:

    The mind boggles anyway. ^^

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