Random Post for a Tired Day

Apparently, it’s Read an E-Book Week, so if you’d like to try one of mine, I have plenty available in various genres and at reasonable prices.

Of course, I want to publish more e-books. And while I still have a couple of backlist and never published stories to go through as well as three novellas and a never sold novel, I still want to write more. I’m not the world’s biggest fan of writing books, though I do have a small collection. And today, I added to that collection when Amazon brought me Plotto, the Master Book of all Plots. I’ve heard mentions of Plotto for some time now, though the book itself was out of print until last year (probably fell into the public domain). I’ll let you know how I like it.

In addition to Plotto and two German novels as presents for others, the postman also dumped off a parcel for the new neighbours across the street, who are never at home. There are times I wish I had never accepted the first parcel for those people, since they keep ordering stuff (motorbike equipment and clothes mainly) and are never at home to receive the parcels. This parcel was motorbike equipment by the way. I looked at it and thought, “Ah, so they took advantage of the 20 percent off sale at that motorbike equipment store as well”, since I’d already ordered something for my Dad at the same store.

In other news, I’m rather tired today, almost as tired as my eternally sleepy ninth graders. The fifth graders have way too much energy, the eighth graders are in constant need of attention (lots of troubled kids in that class) and the ninth graders are just sleepy, probably because mine is the last class in the day.

So in place of a longer post, here’s short link:

All About Romance has a post about the cupcake craze and how it manifests itself in books. The cupcake craze is one of those phenomena that has passed Germany by, though I have seen arty cupcakes on sale in Britain. I’m not sure what the point is either, since the more decorated and “arty” a cake or pastry looks, the worse it usually tastes. Which is why I bypassed the arty cupcakes for a slice of banana-toffee pie or cheesecake or brownies or scones or something else that tastes good rather than just looking pretty.

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