New Book Trailer for El Carnicero

I had so much fun using xtranormal to make a book trailer for the Silencer series that I went and made another trailer for El Carnicero, my regency adventure romance.

Xtranormal offers cartoon versions of historical figures, so the trailer features Napoleon Bonaparte himself who is not at all amused about El Carnicero, since the titular villain is one of his officers.

I’ve also edited the Silencer trailer, since I wasn’t happy with the automatic camera positions. If you want to watch the trailers again, I also have a new page for videos and book trailers.

I’m really happy with how those films turned out, so check them out behind the cut:

Napoleon Bonaparte is not amused about El Carnicero
by: CoraBuhlert

Who is the Silencer?
by: CoraBuhlert

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