Still Frosty Linkdump

We’re still stuck with frost, though the weather is less extreme than it has been these past two weeks. Tonight we’re experiencing “only” five degrees below zero.

I haven’t blogged a lot at this place of late, but I blogged the latest indie publishing sensation and German responses to Amazon’s publishing ventures at the Pegasus Pulp blog. And at the ABC Buhlert blog, I talk about a new oil spill combating technology and how the US and France continue to hold on to nuclear power.

And now for some other links:

Patricia C. Wrede has a wonderful rant about misunderstanding grammar and particularly the peculiarly American blanket condemnation of the passive voice, often without knowing what the passive voice even is. The post offers plenty of examples, including when passive voice is appropriate and why forms of “to be” are not always passive and have their uses.

At OCD, Vampires and Rants, there is a hilarious look at how romance clinch covers would work in the real world (hint: not very well). The gender-reversed versions are particularly interesting, because they reveal how silly, not to mention sexist, those covers really are. The same site also did an urban fantasy covers in the real world post.

Finally, take a look at this awesome Steampunk house in Massachusetts.

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