No blog tonight, dear – I’ve got a headache

Yes, I’ve really got a headache, thanks to the continuing high air pressure, which does not agree with me at all. And the very noisy and very energetic fifth-graders I had to teach yesterday afternoon didn’t help either.

One of my cheekier fifth-graders explained the Playboy bunny logo as follows: “It’s a rabbit that likes to have sex a lot.”

I confess that made me smile, though I corrected him when he went on to explain to a classmate that when a girl was wearing the Playboy bunny logo on a t-shirt or as jewelery or something, it meant that she wanted to have sex. “Some people just wear the Playboy bunny logo, because they think it’s cool”, I explained, “You cannot jump to conclusions.” I left out the addendum about how even if you think you know what a girl/boy wants, you should always ask him/her for permission before kissing/intimately touching them/doing anything more, because I figured they were a bit young for that.

Going by what I’ve observed at school, Playboy seems to be mainly a brand for teens and preteens these days with kids wearing Playboy branded t-shirts and using Playboy branded aftershave or perfume. Not that these things weren’t around when I was that age – I had Playboy bunny earrings as a teenager. But it’s still bizarre to think that Playboy – which was pretty much a passé brand among adults these past fifteen to twenty years – is now suddenly hot among the teen and preteen set.

In other news, I have collected a round-up of responses to Jonathan Franzen’s anti e-book rant over at the Pegasus Pulp blog.

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