Internet Blackout Day and an event

Upon arriving at this blog, you will probably have noticed a strange splash page, because this blog is participating in the internet strike against the American SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). Don’t worry, the site will continue to be accessible and you only get to see the screen once. For more information, read this and write to your congressperson, if you’re American.

Over at the Pegasus Pulp blog (once you click past the Stop SOPA screen), I have a longish post on international e-book markets and the impact of Amazon on established booksellers with a tangent on the incredible rudeness of the sales staff at Douglas perfumeries. Yes, it actually makes sense in context.

Finally, if you’re in the Bremen area, check out Brückenschläge, a bilingual reading featuring German writer Annette Freundling and Irish poet Terry McDonagh at the Café Ambiente on Thursday, January 19.

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