Another interview with Cora, some indie publishing links, Channel 4 occupies Alan Moore, more on gender in SFF and Downton Abbey saves traditional publishing

First of all, I am interviewed at the Indie Book Lounge today, so head on over and check it out. If you want to read some of my past interviews, they are archived at the Interviews page.

I’ve also got an overview of interesting indie publishing links over at the Pegasus Pulp blog.

Channel 4 News did a report about Alan Moore and V for Vendetta and even took Alan Moore to meet the protesters. This is a very nice video, and how cool is it to see a mainstream news program discuss comics?

YA author Malinda Lo responds to Kate Elliott’s musing on gender roles and the challenges they present to the writer (linked here).

The New York Times has an article about publishers trying to cash in on the inexplicable popularity of Downton Abbey in the US by plugging Edwardian and WWI set historical fiction and historical memoirs as Downton Abbey tie-ins.

Still, this should be good for popular historians and historical fiction authors writing about the Edwardian period. If we get good reprints of popular fiction from the first two decades of the twentieth century in the bargain, great. Though we are likely also to see an uptick in World War I set stories, which isn’t something I look forward to, since World War I settings are one of my absolute fictional dealbreakers. Though I called it right last August that many Americans don’t know a whole lot about World War I and thus would have issues with those aspects of the plot.

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