Shameless Self-Promo Post 1: Cora’s New E-Mail Newsletter

Both this blog and the Pegasus Pulp site are now equipped with a widget, where you can sign up for my e-mail newsletter.

It is received marketing wisdom among writers that you have to have a mailing list to announce new releases. However, I was initially reluctant to the idea of a mailing list, because I almost never sign up for mailing lists. I have ended up on the occasional mailing list, usually because I have been in some way associated with whoever is issuing the mailing list. But going to an author’s site and subscribe to their mailing list to be informed when they have a new book out? I never do that. I regularly check websites listing new released in genres/subgenres I’m interested in, so I generally know when an author I like has a book coming out. And if the book interests me, it goes on my book to buy list and is eventually bought.

However, I am not every reader. Indeed, I may be something of an exception. And every social media, marketing and indie publishing expert out there is adamant that having a mailing list is absolutely essential. So I finally bit the bullet and installed a mailing list plug-in at this site as well as on the Pegasus Pulp blog. There’s a sign-up widget on the sidebar, but you can also sign-up (and read past newsletters) by clicking on the “newsletter” tab on the main menu. Or you can go here for and here for the Pegasus Pulp blog and subscribe directly. The actual newsletters will probably be the same for both sites, so you only have to sign up once.

Disclaimer: I will only send out a newsletter, when I have a new book out or other news of importance to share. I won’t notify you of every new blogpost, that’s what the RSS feed is for. And of course, your e-mail address is safe with me. I won’t sell it or spam you. Besides, you can opt out at any time.

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