Writing Links for the New Year

I took down the Christmas decorations today and dropped by at my parents to testdrive the output of their brand-new fancy Italian coffeemaker. The latte macchiato was good. So was the cappuccino.

And now for some writing links:

On Jay Lake’s blog there is an interesting discussion about finishing what you start and the difference between “I’m not ready to write this story yet” and “Wow, a shiny new idea, let’s write that one instead”.

I must say that I occasionally have this problem. But then, I’m mostly working on various projects in parallel, so if I get stalled on or bored with one project, I can move on to the next. I rarely abandon a project completely either and I periodically look through my unfinished projects to check if anything sparks new inspiration. For example, I just dug up a historical novelette I initially intended for Man’s Story 2 and abandoned approximately three years ago at three quarters finished. I’m planning on finishing and e-publishing it, because my historicals generally outsell everything else.

On a related note, Chuck Wendig has a list of 25 things that writers should stop doing. Some interesting points there.

Finally, romance writer Penny Jordan, who frequently wrote for the Harlequin Presents line, died of cancer aged 65.

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