Pegasus Pulp e-books now available DriveThruFiction

Nope, I’m not going to get into the whole indie versus traditional publishing debate going on right now, complete with namecalling on both sides. It’s an ugly discussion and utterly unnecessary, because no one ever said that it had to be an either/or question.

Besides, I already did my political post for the day and two would be overkill. So instead of namecalling, here is something positive:

Some of my Pegasus Pulp e-books are now available for sale at DriveThruFiction. DriveThruFiction is the e-book selling branch of DriveThruRPG, the largest RPG download store on the web. And of course, self-publishing has been common in the RPG world for a long time now.

DriveThruFiction specializes in science fiction, fantasy and horror, hence so far only Rites of Passage and Letters from the Dark Side are available for sale over there.

However, I will see whether it’s possible to upload some of the other books as well. For example, I think that the Silencer stories might be a good fit, since there is quite a bit of overlap between RPGs and classic pulp. Perhaps, some of the historicals would work, too, since there’s quite a bit of action in them.

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