Newcastle Photos Part 4 – Tynemouth

During my recent stay in Newcastle I also visited Tynemouth, a small seaside town located, as the name implies, at the mouth of the Tyne.

Tynemouth sea front

Houses along the sea front in Tynemouth

The North Sea at Tynemouth

The waves of the North Sea lapping ashore at Tynemouth.

Clock and Rock of Gibraltar

A Victorian clock and the charming Rock of Gibralter pub at the Tynemouth sea front

Tynemouth Priory

Tynemouth Priory, founded and built in the 7th century on a spot that has been settled since pre-Roman times

Tynemouth Priory

The castle part of Tynemouth priory

Courtyard Tynemouth Priory

The castle courtyard at Tynemouth Priory

Cliffs at Tynemouth Priory

The North Sea, the cliffs and parts of Tynemouth Priory

Collingwood Memorial

According the Wikipedia, this giant statue overlooking the mouth of the Tyne depicts Lord Collingwood, Nelson's second-in-command at Trafalgar. IMO he got a nicer view than his commanding officer.

Queen Victoria monument at Tynemouth

A very weathered monument to Queen Victoria. It looks as if she's melting into her pedestal.

Tree House

An interesting "tree house" construction on the schoolyard of King's School, an educational establishment which boasts Stan Laurel and Ridley Scott among its former students

Flea market at Tynemouth Station

Wandering into this flea market at Tynemouth station was a pleasant surprise

Tynemouth Station

Close-up of the cats iron decorations inside Tynemouth Station

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3 Responses to Newcastle Photos Part 4 – Tynemouth

  1. Estara says:

    Lovely train station roof! So was that priory a castle eventually?

    • Cora says:

      Apparently, it started out as a Roman fort (and probably something else before), then became a priory with a castle for protection against vikings, etc… There is a ruined church on the premises, but it didn’t come out right on the photo.

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