Newcastle Photos Part 3 – Architecture

Here’s the third installment of my Newcastle photos. This time we have architecture from medieval to ultra-modern:

Castle Keep and Black Gate

The Black Gate and the Castle Keep, which dates from Norman times

Black Gate

The Black Gate, a gate in the old city wall

St Nicholas Church

St Nicholas Church viewed from the top of the Castle Keep

St. Mary's Gateshead

The Church of St Mary's in Gateshead complete with weathered headstones. The arc of the Tyne Bridge can be glimpsed in the background.

Grainger Town

An impressive Georgian building in Grainger Town with Grey's Monument in the background.

Laing Art Gallery

Laing Art Gallery, which was showing an exhibition of Mervyn Peake's graphic work while I was there. In the background, you can see a stunningly ugly 1970s tower block called Bewick Court.

Victorian building with stained glass windows

Beautiful stained glass windows advertising clocks and cutlery in a Victorian building

Victorian jeweler's storefront

The Victorian storefront of Northern Goldsmiths with a beautiful golden clock. I saw an identical golden clock on another building in a different part of town.

Victorian building

A beautiful Art Noveau building called Emerson Chambers. Even better, it houses a Waterstone's book store.

Central Arcade

Central Arcade, a turn of the century shopping arcade decorated with ornamented tiles

Monument Mall

Inside Monument Mall, a beautifully restored 19th century building converted into a rather disappointing shopping mall

Monument Mall

The elevator at Monument Mall. Note the wrought iron railings, the glass etchings at the elevator and the gilt-painted ceiling

The Baltic

The Baltic, a former flour warehouse turned art museum. It was exhibiting this year's Turner Prize nominees while I was there. I didn't go in, though - I'm not a Turner Prize fan.

Fish 'n Chips shop

A fish 'n chips shop with an interesting storefront

The Sage

The Sage music/events centre in Gateshead, designed by Norman Foster, with a military vessel in the foreground

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6 Responses to Newcastle Photos Part 3 – Architecture

  1. Estara says:

    That arcade… makes me miss Bournemouth. And Emerson Chambers and the Laing Art Gallery are my favourite picks this time around.

  2. Laran says:

    In front of and in that bookstore I spend the night Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released; first queuing for a couple of hours, then laying hands on the my copy of the book. What a setting! I felt like being part of a story myself, unreal it was.

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