In Newcastle

I arrived safely here to Newcastle, though I was pretty tired yesterday. Getting up at half past 4 AM to catch the 6:20 flight to Amsterdam was bound to take its toll. Okay, so I did snag one of those comfy recliners at Amsterdam Schipol airport and dozed in front of the panorama windows while watching the sun come up over the airfield. But while that was very nice, it doesn’t replace the truncated night of sleep.

Word of advice: When flying a Fokker 70, avoid the last two or three rows (rows 16 and 17) as far as possible. They’re directly next to the engines, which are at the side of the hull in the Fokker 70 and not at the wings, so it`s terribly loud.

And is there some law of nature that news of international importance must always happen whenever I’m abroad. When I was in Ireland this spring, Osama Bin Laden was killed. And now I’m in the UK and and they finally catch and kill Gaddafi. I first heard it on the radio in the taxi from the airport.

“Did they catch Gaddafi?”, I asked the driver.

“I think they killed him”, he replied in a heavy Geordie accent.

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