Even though Monday was a public holiday and my school is celebrating its anniversary with a project week and no afternoon classes all week long, this week has turned out to be more stressful than I would have thought, probably because I filled the class-free afternoons with other things such as visiting my wheelchair-bound aunt in the care home where she lives or driving all over the countryside to buy pumpkins with my Mom and locating the one DIY store that still has a particular brand of paint in a particular colour for my Dad. Add to that that I have been feeling out of sorts for a while now. As a result, I’m too tired today for a regular post.

In other news, Steve Jobs died today aged only 56. Now I’ve never been an Apple user and find the relentless cheerleading of the Apple evangelists more irritating than anything else. I also find some of the technological developments pushed by Steve Jobs and Apple problematic, e.g. the walled garden approach with Apple-approved apps or the extreme reliance on touchscreens which I dislike. Nonetheless, Steve Jobs was an incredibly innovative and creative person who almost single-handedly created a brand that has become important for millions of people (even if I am not one of them). And considering that he was much too young to die, one cannot help but wonder what else he would have come up with, it he had had more time.

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