Harvest Festival

Today was the harvest festival in my particular rural village turned suburb of Bremen. German harvest festivals consist of a parade with floats decorated by local clubs and organisations, a religious service and a big party with dancing, drinking and merrymaking. Usually, there’s carousel for the kids as well.

This year, the parade passed through my street, so I got to wave at the floats and take a few photos. Unfortunately, the parade was quicker than expected, so I missed the riders, the marching band and the harvest crown, which is always on the first float along with the Lutheran pastor. But I still saw the majority of the floats and groups.

So, without further ado, have some photos behind the cut:

Harvest Festival Parade

The parade comes down the street. The women and girls walking alongside the floats hand out rolls to spectators.

Harvest Parade Float

The float of the volunteer fire brigade. Note the flashing blue lights.

Harvest parade float

The float of a girls' soccer team

Harvest parade tractor

A decorated tractor. The theme of this float was "From grain to bread"

Harvest parade float

The float of a boys' soccer team

Harvest parade float

A float with the theme "A bed in a cornfield", named after a popular 1970s song


A very big tractor pulling a float

Decorated pedal cars

A group of kids on decorated pedal cars

Harvest parade float

Float with tag-along wheelchair


A woman dressed up as a witch

Harvest parade loot

The day's loot includes plenty of candy and lollypops, sherbet powder, a ballpen and even two bottles of Kümmerling, a herbal bitter

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