An announcement and some links

I finally set up the Cora Buhlert author pages on, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany. Apparently, you have to set up the author pages for all three Amazons separately, which I didn’t know. The XinXii author page has been online for a while. Supposedly, there will also be a feed from this blog on the author page, though that’s not yet working.

And now for some links:

Chuck Wendig gives us 25 ways to fuck with your characters. “Fuck” in the sense of shovel grief onto the characters, not in the more literal sense. Because that would be wrong.

Kari Sperring, who is a historian herself, explains why history is important.

Fantasy Magazine has a good interview with Seanan McGuire a.k.a. Mira Grant.

Sad: Leslie Esdaile a.k.a. L.A. Banks died of adrenal cancer aged 52.

National Public Radio allows you to vote for the Top 100 science fiction and fantasy novels, as chosen by their expert panel from the thousands of nominations they received. The selection is a bit skewed – for example the only urban fantasy I see on the ballot is Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series plus some older Charles de Lint and Neil Gaiman works. Still, it’s a good effort, so go and vote and don’t vote only for male writers.

Finally a signal boost/plug: The World SF Travel Fund has been established to help international members of the SFFH community to travel to major conventions, which are usually held in the US and sometimes in Europe or Australia (and almost never somewhere else). The first recipient is Charles Tan of Bibliophile Stalker, who explains why this fund is important here.

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