Nazis on the Bookshelf

I really seem to be determined to violate Godwin’s Law today, because after the garden fascism in my last post, I now tackle unexpected Nazis on the bookshelf.

Over at the Pegasus Pulp site, I have a post explaining the header image, a bookshelf in my parents’ living room. In the course of googling some long forgotten authors found on that shelf, I found a forgotten star author from the Weimar Republic and two Nazis (one may have been an opportunist, the other most likely was not).

Quite a shock to find that there were Nazis on the bookshelf of my childhood home. I’m also perversely curious about those books now, because while I read some of my Mom’s books (e.g. the Elisabeth Barbier Mogador saga and some of the Uta Danella novels from the header image), I never read those particular books.

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