No blog today – well, almost

Even though this is the first week of my summer holidays, it is turning out to be unusually busy with the newleaf reading yesterday, the monthly translators’ meet-up today (I met the guy who does the voice-over translation of important Barack Obama speeches and interviews for the German TV news) and then a birthday party on Friday.

What is more, I also got in three different translation jobs today. One is already out of the door (it was short and urgent), the second is partly done, the third will have to wait, because it is the least urgent.

So here’s just a short post for today:

I’ve got a post about mainstream media reactions to the indie publishing phenomenon over at Pegasus Pulp, because that site needs a bit of content and attention.

Finally, here is a link for readers interested in contemporary German literature: The Tage der deutschsprachigen Literatur 2011 (Days of German language literature), a festival and literary competition for the Ingeborg Bachmann award, which are held every year in Klagenfurt, Austria, will begin later today. And 3sat, the German/Austrian/Swiss culture channel, will not only transmit the readings of the contestants for the Bachmann award and the subsequent critiques, they also offer a livestream and videos of the readings.

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