The Pegasus Pulp launch – and yet another announcement

The Pegasus Pulp launch was a lot more successful than I could have hoped for, because I sold nine books (and made approx. five dollars) on the first day. So far, Rites of Passage seems to be my bestseller.

The amount of attention Pegasus Pulp has been getting on its first day was largely due to Sherwood Smith who plugged Pegasus Pulp on her livejournal. Thanks a lot to Sherwood and to everybody who bought the books.

What is more, I also have another event to announce, at least for those in the Bremen area:

Summer Season, a literary event organized by newleaf, the English language literary magazine of the University of Bremen, will take place on Tuesday July 5, 2011, at 7 p.m. at the Bremen design museum Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus. Bremen authors Elisabeth Dutz, Ole D. Herlyn, Kirsten Steppat and Elke Marion Weiß (whose first novel comes out this fall) will read some of their texts, Rob Hyde will perform stand-up comedy and Jan Ströh and his guitar will provide the music. Becks beer and other drinks will be available as well.

Here is the official press release of the University of Bremen (they seem to have mistaken Ole D. Herlyn for a man, though) and the announcement on the website of the virtuelles Literaturhaus Bremen. newleaf also has a Facebook page which could use some “likes”.

I’ve been involved with newleaf for many years now and even used to serve as sales manager for the magazine. I suppose I still am the newleaf sales manager in theory, since nobody else wants that job. But since I got my MA, I am no longer as active as I used to be. But newleaf always puts on great events and the Wihelm Wagenfeld design museum is always worth a visit.

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