Introducing Pegasus Pulp

It has taken a while, but Pegasus Pulp, my independent e-publishing company, is finally open for business.

A skeleton version of the Pegasus Pulp website has been online for a while, but I put the finishing touches on the site yesterday evening. I even made a flyer to distribute at local literary events.

If you want to know more about Pegasus Pulp, visit the About us and FAQ pages.

Of course, I not only have a publishing company, I also have books. In fact, we are launching with three e-books. If you want to see an overview, you can also click on the e-book tab in the menu above and view information on the individual titles. The excerpts are not yet live, but will be coming in the next few days.

And now the books:

The Other Side of the Curtain, a thrilling spy tale set in East Germany in 1966

Outlaw Love, a tale of hangings and lesbian bandits in the Old West

Rites of Passage, a coming of age story set in a pirate society on a world with two moons

Buy our books at, Amazon UK and Amazon Germany with more formats coming soon. If the books are not yet live, please be patient and check back tomorrow.

I’m really excited about this venture.

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6 Responses to Introducing Pegasus Pulp

  1. Asakiyume says:

    Hello, I stopped by your website after Sherwood Smith linked to it. Very nice! Your comment that blogging in English will keep your students from reading made me smile–some may take it as a challenge!

    I also noticed that your haiku changes when I refresh the page. I liked this one:

    Four seasons haiku:
    cherry blossoms, grasshoppers,
    falling leaves, snowflakes

    But misread it at first–mixing up the pieces of the different seasonal attributes. And that leads me to offer you this:

    Four seasons haiku
    snow cherries, blossom hoppers,
    falling grasses, snow leaves


    Best of luck with the publishing venture!

    • Cora says:

      Of course, the students could always use Google translate to get a (very rough) translation. If any of them ever found their way here, though, they never said anything.

      I’m glad you like the site and the haiku BTW. I had lots of haiku just gathering (metaphorical) dust on my harddrive, so I put them into a rotating text widget. This way I’m at least using them.

      I really like your take on my four season haiku BTW. Especially since here in North Germany, the snow usually leaves almost as soon as it has fallen.

  2. Estara says:

    Yay for business ventures ^^ – I bought Rites of Passage.

    • Cora says:

      Thanks. I hope you’ll enjoy it.

      • Rosario says:

        Congratulations! I bought Rites of Passage as well.

        By the way, I also downloaded the sample for Outlaw Love, and from the length of the line under the title on my kindle, it looks like the Outlaw Love sample is longer than the entire Rites of Passage, even though the whole stories seem to have a similar number of pages. Thought I’d mention it in case there was something wrong with the formatting!

        • Cora says:

          Thanks for commenting and for buying the story. I hope you’ll enjoy Rites of Passage.

          Also thanks for the information regarding Outlaw Love. I accidentally clicked the wrong category when uploading Outlaw Love and had to change the classification, whereupon Amazon promptly put it “on review” again, so the problem may stem from there. I’ll check it out at any rate.

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