Four things I did today, two random cool links and some searchterm weirdness

Four things I did today:

  • Searched for flights to a town in western Greenland I had never heard of before today. And while the various Internet flight portals are useful for finding cheap flights to various Mediterranean holiday destinations or for booking – say – a flight from Amsterdam to Liverpool, they’re utterly useless at locating flights to destinations as obscure as a small town in western Greenland.
  • Tonight, at half past ten, I watched the bats flit across the fields near my home in the dusk. I’m very pleased that the bats seem to have survived the building activity in their insect hunting grounds in the past two years.
  • This afternoon, I played with my open source Photoshop alternative to turn the venerable tallship Rickmer Rickmers into a pirate ship on an alien planet. Why I felt the need to do that? Watch this space.
  • I also went through some old files, looking for a particular story. Luckily, almost all of my writing attempts (except for some very early fanfiction) exists in electronic form, which means that it can usually be retrieved without retyping. However, while searching for that particular story, I accessed my old story database (a list of stories with number, title, genre and whether the story is finished or not) and came across several finished stories of which I had no memory at all. Lots of what would be called flash fiction these days, short, punchy and often quite funny. I suspect I originally wrote them for one of the creative writing classes I took at university. I “rescued” the stories, that is I converted them into a current file format. I’m not sure what to do with them, but it feels wrong to leave them languishing in obscurity without at least checking whether there was anything salvageable there.

And now for the random cool links:

Here is a gallery of stunning photos of abandoned buildings in former East Germany taken by a group of urban explorers from Braunschweig.

This is just plain cool: A telescope protected by a full scale replica TARDIS.

And while I usually don’t get as hilariously silly searchterms as Chuck Wendig, someone found my blog while searching for “crappy porn”. If you’re going to search for porn, wouldn’t you at least search for good porn? Who in his right mind would deliberately search for crappy porn?

Another person typed “snake crawling over naked women” into a search engine and found my Clockwork Orange post (which is gradually turning into a sleeper hit). Somehow I doubt that was what he was looking for.

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