The Headache from Hell – and a Linkdump

I had a long post almost completely drafted, but then the headache from hell struck last night and effectively kept me from sleeping. I managed to make it through school and my daily translation quota, but now I’m just bloody tired. And while the headache from hell has been downgraded to the headache from purgatory, it hasn’t subsided completely. So you’ll have to wait another day for the longer post full of insights on class prejudice as expressed in popular television programming. In the meantime, here are some links to great posts by other people:

Jim Hines offers the best response yet to the Wall Street Journal article on allegedly morally depraved YA fiction: The Genre Bashing Dumbassery scale. Link found via Sherwood Smith.

Zoe Archer explains why romance novels are feminist at Book Addicts.

Nancy Fulda has two good discussions about the pros and cons of indie publishing going on at her side here and here.

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