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The discussion about the relative lack of women writers in the science fiction genre, particularly in the UK, is still going strong, though by now it has morphed into a discussion of how to define feminist SF. Timmi Duchamp on the US side as well as Gwyneth Jones and Cheryl Morgan on the UK side wonder whether the root of the problem might not be that “feminism” is defined differently in the US and UK.

At the Book View Café, Sherwood Smith has a nice post about genre mixing, a subject that is very dear to my own heart.

Daniel Abraham discusses audience expectations, fan fiction and the so-called sophomore slump.

The 2011 Orange Prize goes to Tea Obreht for The Tiger’s Wife.

Finally, there is a trio of deaths to report. Spanish writer and political activist Jorge Semprun died aged 87, German screenwriter and author of theater comedies Curth Flatow died aged 91 and British voice actor Roy Skelton died aged 79. Roy Skelton had lent his voice to the Daleks and puppets Zippy and George among others.

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