The Internet has shut down for the weekend – and some other crap

The internet seems to have been largely shut down this weekend, because the Americans are off celebrating one of those American-only holidays and much of the online speculative fiction community is hanging out at Wiscon.

Since there’s not much going on on the internet, there’s nothing much to blog about. Plus, I seem to have exhausted my blogging reserves with that long post about A Clockwork Orange and Misfits and what they tell us about the way British society views juvenile delinquency, which got almost no views at all, even though I used the word “penis” half a dozen times or so, which should at least bring on the accidental porn surfers.

So I don’t have much to say, though I actually did write a new post for the ABC Buhlert blog.

What is more, something fairly innocuous happened today which unfortunately ripped open an old wound I hoped had long since healed. Okay, maybe not ripped open, but definitely picked at the scabs. And I so didn’t need that particular trauma brought back. Especially as I’m beginning to fear I will never be fully over this.

Oh yes, and the bloody sprained ankle is still hurting as well.

So I guess I’ll just sit down on the couch, watch Hustle and call it a night.

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2 Responses to The Internet has shut down for the weekend – and some other crap

  1. Estara says:

    Our favourite corner of the internet – maybe. I don’t dare to guess who else is conversing ^^.

    Also, be well – physically and emotionally!

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