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I had a really shitty day. My students acted up (well, some of them) and I had to reprimand the same girl first for talking on her cellphone in class and getting stinky when I asked her to stop and then for dumping half a bag of crisps onto the floor and refusing to clean up the mess, because that was the cleaning ladies’ job.

Anyway, here are a few links about writing, publishing and Star Wars:

Chuck Wendig has a post about writing fight scenes and how writing fight scenes is like writing sex scenes.

Kristing Kathryn Rusch gives some excellent advice about navigating and surviving the current changes in the publishing industry.

Here is an article about the five stages of Star Wars fandom grief from Slate. Now I find the “5 stages of grief” concept much too simplicistic and I don’t hate the Star Wars prequels as much as many fans of the original trilogy (because it’s worth remembering that to younger generations the prequels or even The Clone Wars are Star Wars), but this was still pretty damn funny.

And while I certainly know the feeling of “This franchise betrayed my childhood”, I never had it with Star Wars, even when the prequels turned out to be underwhelming and The Clone Wars a crappy piece of ugly animation that I haven’t even watched once (and I have both Ewoks films on VHS). But for me the big SF fandom betrayers are the new Battlestar Galactica, the Star Trek franchise and Doctor Who. I can still watch and enjoy the original Battlestar Galactica (only that it seems to have fallen from the face of the Earth, since the bloody new version came out, is never rerun anymore and not even available on DVD in Germany) just like I can enjoy the original Star Wars trilogy. However, I cannot watch any Star Trek series anymore, not even the original. As for Doctor Who, I actually did watch the Neil Gaiman episode (more detailed review coming tomorrow) and while the episode was poignant and well written (it was penned by Neil Gaiman after all) and I know that I would have enjoyed it a few years ago, the love is just gone. Which is just sad.

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