A Stats Oddity – and Cora is tired

I’m tired, so I only have a short post today. Expect one last photo post as well as a longer genre rant tomorrow.

Meanwhile, my stats have shot up dramatically and the blog had 111 visitors yesterday. Not the best day I ever had, but close. And unlike the other days with lots of visitors, I don’t even know the reason for the spike. I haven’t been linked at a more popular blog, as far as I can tell, and the traffic is coming from all over the place. Odd.

On the plus side, at least the comment spam, which was threatening to overwhelm this blog mere days ago, seems to have stopped for the time being.

Finally, here are some links:

At Jennifer Crusie’s blog, Jennifer Crusie and Barbara Samuel a.k.a. Barbara O’Neal a.k.a. Ruth Wind discuss indie e-publishing.

The Washington Post also has an extensive article on the indie publishing phenomenon.

The Book View Café has an excerpt from a new book by Steven Harper Piziks on paranormal fantasy, magic systems and deus ex machina issues. An earlier excerpt on magic and its limitations is here.

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