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Even though I’m back home, I’ve been intensely busy these past few days. In retrospect, planning my holiday so that I’d be home at half past nine on the night before I had to be back at school probably wasn’t that best idea. On the other hand, the Easter holidays were also really badly timed for holidays in general.

Photos will be coming over the weekend, but for now here is a roundup of interesting links posted while I was away:

The Cover Café‘s contest for the best and worst romance covers of 2010 is now open for voting.

I really like this interview with Western writer Jory Sherman at Booklife Now. Lots about writing in general and writing westerns in particular plus a little bit about e-books and indie publishing.

Booklife Now has run a lot of interesting interviews with Western writers of late. Here is the delightfully named Cotton Smith.

Libba Bray talks about those times, when everything you write just seems to suck. Yeah, don’t we all have those days? Found via Lilith Saintcrow.

Black Gate has a great post by Sarah Avery about teaching and fantasy fiction.

Daily Writing Tips has an article about the gradual demise of the relative pronoun/question pronoun “whom” in (American) English. I must say that I still use “whom”, where appropriate, i.e. as an object. I learned it that way and using “who” looks just plain wrong to me. Never mind that I suspect that the demise of “whom” is a largely American phenomenon, because Americans place little emphasis and value in grammar instruction and therefore grammar knowledge is often appalling. Germans probably overemphasize grammar by comparison, but at least my students understand what the passive voice is and what an object is.

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