Good Friday Linkdump

The Easter weekend is almost upon us and I am busy with other stuff, so here’s a linkdump:

At Grasping for the Wind, urban fantasy writer J.A. Pitts discusses the necessity of (metaphorical) blindness for writers in order to get through the flawed first draft. Found via Jay Lake.

Jeff Vandermeer has a great post about inspiration, variation, narrative paths not taken and the many different stories lurking in every piece of fiction.

Janice Hardy has a great post on writing description.

Horror writer Scott Nicholson talks about the pros and cons of indie and traditional publishing at the blog of Jim Hines.

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6 Responses to Good Friday Linkdump

  1. Thanks for mentioning the Pitts guest post at your site!

  2. Estara says:

    Enjoy the holidays! I’ll be off with the family till Wednesday I presume.

  3. Fla says:

    Have a nice Easter, Cora!
    I often read your blog. It’s very interesting, and I like your linkdumps! I usually don’t have much time to leave comments your posts even if I wish (especially because I’m not good at giving short answers), but I really enjoy reading it!

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